KAS has an extensive background in Polyurethane Foam production lines for all kind of parts and foam systems 

Our systems range from the most basic to very customized high volume systems. We offer a multitude of options from stationary tool/presses to turntables and racetracks or for complex processes power & free production systems, alias KAS “Smart Track” Each version has significant and unique advantages for specific applications. Production systems can be designed to suit product volume and desired automation level.

Stationary tools/presses typically used for low volume production, large part size or complex operator tasks. Lines can easily be expanded by adding more tools.

Typical applications: steering wheels, floor carpet, head liner, glass encapsulation, etc.

Turntable or Racetrack typically used for higher volume production and many tools of similar size and times for operator tasks. Often robotic pour and robotic mold release spray.

Typical applications: seat cushions, head rests, arm rests, ERA foam pads, etc.


Power & Free System, KAS’s “Smart Track” used in high volume production and complex manufacturing processes. Can involve in-line additional processes like vacuum forming, inserts placement, in-mold coating, etc. with automated and manual stations. Each tool/press travels independently, has utilities supplied at all times and is controlled from overall system control cabinet.

Individual tools/carriers can be pulled off line or exchanged for maintenance/tool cleaning or repair/model change without shut down of production.

Please contact us with any questions and a knowledgeable KAS team member will be in touch right away to discuss your system requirements.

Please contact us with any questions that you may have and one of our knowledgeable staff will be in touch right away to discuss your system requirements.


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Most manufacturers have been producing a component in the same way for many years and have maximized output over time. In most cases Konal looks at the process steps during and post manufacturing to understand the entire manufacturing and assembly process.

Our goal is simple… Better, faster, cheaper. Our sound engineering and ROI sales approach enables our customers to venture into areas of manufacturing that can only be described as “World Class”.

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