Why Overhead Monorail Conveyors

Konal’s Smart Track systems combined with their innovative engineering are the secrets leading to improved efficiency for medium to high volume production lines and assembly of parts.

Smart Track is the “job-centered” manufacturing system from Konal: By studying the production line process steps involved in manufacturing a completed part or assembly, Konal develops systems based on our Monorail “Smart Track” production line system to eliminate unnecessary steps, duplicated tools and capital expenses, excess floor space requirements and labor content, thereby increasing your efficiency and reducing your overall manufacturing costs. By using a Konal automated manufacturing Monorail system you can increase your facilities efficiency.

Above ground, overhead monorail production line systems provide “clean floor” manufacturing. It means the ability to walk into the system without walking over “tracks or rails”, to be able to examine or service the system from the inside, often without stopping the manufacturing functions of the line.

Flexible Manufacturing

Overhead Monorail production line systems are flexible in design and layout. They can be placed near, or even around, existing structural supports instead of the typical system installations where they must be fit into existing manufacturing areas. This system design flexibility allows for Konal customers to maximize existing floor space within their facilities.

Konal Smart Track Monorail production line systems can be designed for invisible tool change or for repair off-line without stopping or even slowing down the production line! Nearly all Smart Track systems process two or more materials in-line to manufacture a finished or nearly finished assembly or product. Multiple processes may be performed on each Smart Track line.

Smart Track mold carriers and assembly carriers are individually controlled by the Master Control System – they communicate with the control system by sending digital information that constantly updates the current status of the process. These carriers are then controlled by the Master Control System and are “instructed” to proceed to the next station or process or they are given alternate instructions.

Power and Free Systems Work in Every Industry

Smart Track systems are used in the manufacture of numerous automotive interior components such as door panels, instrument panels, sound insulating products, skin manufacturing, foamed parts, structural rim parts and assemblies such as instrument panels, head rests and arm rests. Smart Track conveyor lines are used outside the automotive sector in the manufacture of medical equipment, consumer goods, recreational vehicle parts, lawn and garden equipment parts and much more.

Mold carriers for Smart Track conveyor lines are designed for the particular function in mind with multiple platen, tilting or rotating, and tonnages ranging from as low as 3 thousand pounds to 85 tons depending on tonnage requirements. Weight is certainly not a problem for Smart Track as Konal has commissioned fast-moving mold carriers weighing as much as 20 tons.

Often, Konal engineers design systems where multiple manufacturing steps may be performed from both sides of the carrier at the same time such as core side substraight component loading and cavity side mold cleaning or robotics for release agent application. This Konal automation system design allows robots and people work together for maximum throughput. This can have a drastic effect on cycle time reductions for the molded product.

Smart Track mold carriers have many patented features including a concept for achieving both tonnage and stripping force without the use of hydraulics. No hydraulics are used to generate tonnage on Smart Track carriers. Most of our customers ask for a “clean” manufacturing process without the possibility of hydraulic leaks on the finished part resulting in scrap or rework.

Smart Track Overhead MonoRail Conveyor


The Konal “Smart Track” is an electrified overhead rail conveyor drive system for material handling. We have designed a unique tracking system that allows each individual carrier to operate as a separate entity. Each “Smart Car” is self propelled and its speed can vary depending on its position in the system. Variable speeds allow for quick movement between operations minimizing non productive positioning of your valuable tooling.


The goal of the Konal “Smart Track” System is to provide the RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) industry with equipment that reduces the amount of capital assets and tooling required in a material handling system. Increased labor effectiveness is another aim of the “Smart Track”. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to divide up the task proportionately so that all operators are working as close to 100% efficiency as possible. We also select highly capital intensive components, such as robots, metering units, etc., and make sure they are running at peak efficiency within our Smart Track Conveyor System.

To incorporate our system, projected production volumes must be known and control points must be established as close to 100% efficiency as possible. Control points by our definition are points in a system at which the slowest operation will occur. This becomes the focal point for the rest of our calculations. This is sometimes referred to as the bottleneck. After control points are established, we parallel operations that take longer than the control point time so that maximum efficiency is maintained. This allows us to determine non functioning tooling and equipment.

After production volumes, control points and efficiencies are determined, we can design a material handling system that best combines your equipment and labor resources allowing your company to achieve increased capacity, cost effectively.


Track sections are prefabricated with conductor bars attached. Three of the conductor bars supply 3 phase power to the carrier, others are utilized by our “Smart Track” for automatic segregation of carriers and sending discrete messages to the carriers.

The overhead rail track sections are manufactured from standard heavy duty “I” beam rail.

The Konal “Smart Track” is mounted on standard stand sections. These stands will hold the track at the desired height. They are designed to allow the system to be reconfigured into other shapes at a later time to facilitate product changes. The stands are made out of heavy structural steel tubing with telescoping legs to easily and quickly adjust the system height and level.



RIM presses are incorporated into each “Smart Track” Monorail system carrier. Each carrier will have 4 sets of trolleys. Two sets will be drive trolleys and the other 2 sets will be idler trolleys. These will help carry the load of the press and help to take sharp turns in the track. For each drive trolley the drive source will be an inline helical drive motor. Each drive trolley motor will have its own integral brake which is used for E-stop only. This system applies force to the bottom of the track via a urethane wheel. This force is controlled by a preloaded spring setting that gives consistent pressure. In the event that power is lost to a carrier, a release screw system allows this pressure to be released and the carrier pushed along manually.

The “Smart Cars” are controlled by our “Smart Track” unique tracking system. This system includes a frequency inverter, allowing for slowing, braking or speeding up as required. It also allows each carrier to sense when it is approaching another and slows it to a gradual stop. The “Smart Track” System alerts any following carriers to do the same as they close up. The Smart Cars are equipped with safety bumpers for emergency stopping. Controlled starts and stops can be initiated as required by the Master Control System.

Please contact us with any of your questions, we will arrange to have a salesman meet with you to discuss any of your questions or concerns and help to customize a system to the requirements needed for your product.

Please contact us with any questions that you may have and one of our knowledgeable staff will be in touch right away to discuss your system requirements.


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