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Magnetic Couplings on Your Metering System

If you are in sales in this business then I am sure you have had the experience of a sales call turning into a service call…..

Such was the case recently regarding a customer’s metering system.  They happened to mention that there was a “bit of leakage on the ISO side”.  As we rounded the corner the cross work of stalactites and stalagmites growing from the Isocyanine lines and the pumps were more akin to a spelunking exhibit then a metering system.

Let me stop right there and clarify this was [highlight background_color=”fcff00″ text_color=”000000″]NOT[/highlight] a Konal metering system [highlight background_color=”fcff00″ text_color=”000000″]All of Konal’s[/highlight] metering systems come standard with magnetic couplings rather than otherwise typical double lip seals.

Once again being the newest member of the Konal sales team I had the opportunity to learn firsthand the advantages of Magnetic Couplings over standard seals.  No matter how good the seals, ceramic sleeve and lip seals are they still wear out on a regular basis.  Mechanical wear, the caustic and sometimes abrasive nature of the chemicals used will cause seals to fail.  It isn’t uncommon for seals on the ISO side to go every few weeks give or take on a system that is being used  to full capacity.

When I was first hired at Konal I remember observing our mechanics assembling a Konal two component metering system and demonstrating to me why mag couplings work the best.  They explained that mag couplings replace mechanical seals.

Magnetic coupling are comprised of two sets of magnets that mount on the pump and at the motor shaft.  A stainless steel boot covers the rotary pump part of the magnetic coupling and seals via an “O” ring against the pump housing.  So there is no seal motion therefore there is no mechanical wear.

Now maybe you’re not a neat freak and don’t care about the crusty ISO on the lines, pump and floor?  However, I’d be willing to bet that the health and safety people in your plant do!  ISO is a hazardous chemical and the cumulative effects of expose lead to health problems and sensitivity that in the end workers cannot be exposed at all and need to be moved to another job.

Further more, each time the seals fail and there is leakage the risks of contamination of the lines, tank and shot, as well as eventual damaging effects to the pumps to the point of cavitations and eventual failure.  Does your metering system have Magnetic Couplings?  Hope so but if not please give me a call and while you are here check out our other metering system features.


John…. aka “the new guy”

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