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Blast Cast Slush Molding

Blast Cast Slush Molding


The patented Konal Hot Air Slush System has features and benefits that no other machinery manufacturer can offer. Working on the basis of turbulent air across a surface, we increase the thermal transfer exponentially by providing a 4000+ Reynolds Number across the surface. Using 160 turbulent hot air distribution points across the tool surface provides fast and consistent heat transfer.

From automated tool changes, multiple colors on the fly, sequential manufacturing, mutli-platform tooling all running in unison to multi-material on the fly manufacturing. Tool life is indisputably the longest in the industry! The controlled thermal shock in both heat and cooling has been our success. Our machine has proven tool life examples that exceed 400,000 cycles on full IP nickel shell tooling. Cycle times as low as 2 minutes!

Single or Multi-Cavity Tool Design

The Slush Mold system is designed for single or multi cavity tools. Using 8 -375,000 BTU individual gas burners and 144 conditioned air deployment points, heating a tool and managing the tool surface temperature becomes easier and less costly than any traditional system.

The combination of servo controlled heat sources, dynamic deployment points and air velocity provides a processing window that allows infinite combination of tooling, material combination never seen in this process.

The system design has virtually no internal moving parts making the upkeep and general maintenance an easy task. Each air deployment point (144) has an adjustable proportioning gate and swivels allowing the maximum “per zone” heat adjustments. This feature allows both IP’s and Door geometry to be processed sequentially.

Check It Out: Pictures of Konal Hot Air Slush Skin Systems
What Does a Hot Air Slush System Look Like?

Two Slush Mold Manufacturing Models


We offer two models of manufacturing systems an over head power and free system or a center turret tool rotating system. Both have several features and benefits. The over head system allows greater flexibility while the turret design provides a smaller foot print.

Konal has included a series of additional features that increase the system OE time such as Invisible Tool Change. This is a specifically designed for seamless tool changes and ease of maintenance. The over head system is designed to carry to tools from one process step to another. The control system is an A/B Compaq logic’s and a Panel View color 1000 touch screen. All the software integration is included.


Understand Turbulent Flow and its Affects

Below is a video created by students at Georgia Tech, Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering, as a project for ME 3340 Fluid Mechanics class. They demonstrate what the terms “Reynolds Number” – “Laminar Flow” and “Turbulent Flow” mean.

Affects of Turbulent Air and Reynolds Theory

When flow is turbulent, particles exhibit additional transverse motion which enhances the rate of energy and momentum exchange between them thus increasing the heat transfer and the friction coefficient.


Powder Slush Mold Systems


Konal’ s Unique “Powder Slush” systems continue to revolutionize the industry. Our designs have reduced cycle times through continuous improvement and development. We offer various systems for applications from Instrument Panels to Door skins. The skin processes continue to improve and evolve as the available chemical compositions improve.
Powder Slush Mold System
Konal’s latest Powder Slush Skin System, pictured below, integrates two of Konal’s most successful patented technologies, Blast Cast & Smart Track overhead power free systems. This system in the worlds fastest Slush Skin system, with multi-colour on the fly, double slush capable by design, and cycle times that can’t be matched.

Please contact us with any of your questions, we will arrange to have a salesman meet with you to discuss any of your questions or concerns and help to customize a system to the requirements needed for your product.