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EPP Systems

EPP Job Centered Manufacturing Systems


The Konal EPP (Expandable Polypropylene) manufacturing System is unique to the industry. Our new EPP process eliminates the costly and outdated method of using Steam Chest Molding processes. Using Job Centered conveyor systems also known as “Smart Track”, the tools are brought to the process thus exponentially reducing the manufacturing cost and increasing the yield of the line.

The EPP manufacturing systems use conventional fill guns and material transfer systems, the system enables a multitude of tools ran through the same presses. Gun positions are programmable and remain independent of the tool. The tool continues to cure for several minutes which is invisible to the process. The Konal EPP system needs only 2 operators serving 10-24 tools with cycle times that are significantly lower? Call us for a presentation and how we can make your company more productive.

Please contact us with any of your questions, we will arrange to have a salesman meet with you to discuss any of your questions or concerns and help to customize a system to the requirements needed for your product.