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Konal Metering Systems


Polyurethane Metering Unit

Polyurethane Metering Unit

Konal makes the most advanced metering systems available. Konal’s metering systems feature magnetically coupled pumps and Konal’s proprietary cylinder design for long lasting cylinder seals. The first to be introduced to the urethane industry are the standard at Konal.

Every Konal metering system is designed and built to provide the most complete control of your process and to provide years of service.

Konal metering systems are designed and proven in applications where output ranges vary from single digit, grams per second, to as much as 25 lbs. Per second.

Konal systems are used in low output spray applications, high output spray systems, open pour or closed mold and filled or unfilled materials. Whatever your metering needs, you will find the solution to your manufacturing requirements at a Konal company.

Magnetic Drive Pump Systems


The integration of magnetic drive systems in Konal metering systems means “no mechanical seals” and, therefore, “no leaks”. These pumps, featuring exclusive Konal design elements, have proven to last for years of service. The pumps may be repaired in your shop using Konal stocked components. The system is designed for remanufacturing ease and takes only a short time with a fraction of the cost compared with the standard Rexroth pumps used before the advent of Konal’s pumps.

The smallest of Konal’s systems is our low output model, used in the manufacturing of automobile interior skins since 1994. This model has output ranges from 12 to 25 grams per second and is considered the start-of-the-art for low output, high-pressure machines.

Metering Unit Pump with a Magnetic Drive System

Metering Unit Pump with Magnetic Drive System

Konal’s medium output systems, is highly accurate on ratio and temperature control.

Options include multi-pump systems with three, four or more pumps on a single unit to produce foams and elastomers using multiple materials.

Machines can be offered with variable output during the pour, variable ratio inside a single pour or multiple pours just by changing the output scenario at Konal’s user-friendly Allen Bradley or Siemens control station.

A sophisticated user interface has been developed to include office or even off-site modems for control and observation.

The main control system, located at the machine, features optional RS view or customer-preferred interfaces and custom designed screens to fit the production of every company’s needs.

Please contact us with any of your questions, we will arrange to have a salesman meet with you to discuss any of your questions or concerns and help to customize a system to the requirements needed for your product.

Did You Know?
Closed loop feedback on the metering system vastly improves the repeatability of the foam system by some 30%! Saving you unnecessary scrap and lost materials. By adding a closed loop feature on your foam system you reduce the variability of the chemistry mix. Konal offers this as a standard feature on all metering systems.Ask us how to further reduce your variables and reduce your manufacturing costs.