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Polyurethane Metering Systems

Tanks – Heat Exchangers – Temperature Control


By employing a combination of the unique design of Konal’s exclusive plate and frame heat exchange systems, Konal is able to control temperatures far better than any competitive companies.

Konal’s tanks are designed to provide as much as twice the surface area for than most. They also feature technically advanced blade design to ensure the proper exchange of material flowing along the tank walls.


Temperature Control


Konal’s temperature control units are managed by the master control system. Our systems are designed to simply ensure our customers the very best in process controls.


Ratio Control


All of Konal’s metering units are closed-loop as a standard feature plus they offer Konal’s valuable low-pressure calibration feature. Our closed loop systems, designed years ago, and continually upgraded, use state-of-the-art control systems and, in combination with Konal’s unique pump design, are the fastest reacting systems available, responding to the input of the control system in minute parts of a second. No other pump system reacts as quickly as Konal’s Mag-Drive, making the Mag series of metering units the standard of the industry.


High Pressure Filtering Pump Meter Machines


High Pressure Pump Metering Machine Filters are unique to Konal is the “standard” high-pressure filter on every Konal pump-metering machine. From the beginning, Konal has built its metering systems with the customer in mind. High-pressure filtration aids in the manufacturing of better parts by ensuring no particles pass from the Isocyanate tank through the Mixhead to the mold.

This filter system is plumbed to allow the customer to by-pass the filter for ease of replacement or cleaning. Simply throw the lever to by-pass the filter and the filter is easily removed without interrupting production.


Closed Loop Displacement System


Konal designs and manufactures a full line of Volume displacement metering systems. Our systems are a closed loop system designed for high viscosity or filled formulations. Lance systems are better known for their accuracy and are fully expandable to incorporate 2,3,4 tanks. Our system is modular based allowing expansion at a moderate price.


Magnetic Pump Drive Systems


Konal has used Magnetic Drive pump systems exclusively since 1995, Konal has more experience with magnetic coupled metering pumps than any other supplier worldwide with literally hundreds of systems in various applications throughout North America, Asia, Australia, Europe, and Mexico. All Konal systems Mag drive systems are closed loop controlled and feature standard items that other companies offer only as options, if they offer them at all.

Konal’s exclusive pumps were the first magnetic coupled pumps used for metering polyurethane systems in the world. Before Konal introduced these marvelous pumps to the industry, processors would suffer the leaks endemic to all pumping systems that utilize shaft seals and mechanical couplings. Because there are no seals in our pumps, they simply cannot leak. Further to the important feature of leak-free operation, the design of Konal’s chemical pumps allow for quicker reaction time to inputs from the control systems ensuring the very best in ratio control available anywhere.

A sophisticated user interface has been developed to include office or even off-site modems for control and observation. The main control system, located at the machine, features optional RS view or customer-preferred interfaces and custom designed screens to fit the production of every company’s needs.

Please contact us with any of your questions, we will arrange to have a salesman meet with you to discuss any of your questions or concerns and help to customize a system to the requirements needed for your product.