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Headliner Roll Feed

Polyurethane Headliner Roll Feed Systems


Konal Polyurethane Headliner Systems  creates totally automated systems for the production of Polyurethane composite headliners. Konal offers complete roll feed and change systems, hydraulic or electro-pneumatic presses, thermoforming and compression molding equipment, as well as special developed glass and polyurethane spray systems for outputs up to 1300 grams per second.

Carpet Bonding Press - Roll FeedKonal’s headliner systems have been used in high tech, high speed manufacturing of headliners for numerous  years in facilities across the world. Konal processes polyurethane resins and thermoplastics for the headliner  industry suppliers.

Konal systems feature numerous roll handling options, thermoforming,  bonding operations and trimming. Konal hydraulic or electro-pneumatic presses can be engineered to suit customers’ requirements  by designing systems to your tonnage requirements.

Our transfer systems directing roll or sheet goods into the press, feature “Konal designed and manufactured” gripping systems designed specifically for the materials being processed.

Please contact us with any of your questions, we will arrange to have a salesman meet with you to discuss any of your questions or concerns and help to customize a system to the requirements needed for your product.