Konal Automated Systems is a global leader in automotive headliner manufacturing systems

Our technology reaches across a variety of materials and integrates both cover stock (A Surface Material) sound inhibitors and structural thermal formed components. The Konal system is a proven technology and is used by every major OEM in North America and abroad.

Seamless, Multi-color, Materials

Konal headliner production systems offer multi materials on the fly, seamless on the fly color changes from part to part and unmanned manufacturing lines that provide the most flexible headliner systems in the industry. Our inherent engineering benefits are designed for both low and high volume programs allowing a mixture of product to be molded on the same production line. The Konal headliner system automated tool change provides for quick and efficient tool changes to maximize line efficiency. Oven design and technology for heating the material is key to providing a fast and dependable system. Konal offers multi zone heating with the highest performance in IR, ceramic and hot plate heating that allows for process flexibility and fast, consistent temperature control to minimize the cycle time.

Konal headliner machines have been documented to provide the fastest throughput cycles in the headliner industry.

Please contact us with any questions and a knowledgeable Konal staff will be in touch right away to discuss your system requirements.


Headliner Systems:

Please contact us with any questions that you may have and one of our knowledgeable staff will be in touch right away to discuss your system requirements.


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Most manufacturers have been producing a component in the same way for many years and have maximized output over time. In most cases Konal looks at the process steps during and post manufacturing to understand the entire manufacturing and assembly process.

Our goal is simple… Better, faster, cheaper. Our sound engineering and ROI sales approach enables our customers to venture into areas of manufacturing that can only be described as “World Class”.

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